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Laguna- the Philippines' resort capital is located at the foothills of Mount Makiling, Mount Banahaw, and the Sierra Madre Range. It's rendered with endless gifts of mother nature - the mountains and forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and hot springs. It's engulfed by Laguna De Bay - South East Asia’s largest freshwater lake. In this lake’s edge lays a small crater gulf recognized as Crocodile Lake making it a lake within a lake. Camping, trekking and rock climbing could also be appreciated in the mysterious Mount Makiling.

You can find different types of laguna resort that differs from hot spring to nature types. Most notably, Lake Caliraya between Cavinti and Lumban areas is perfect for water sporting events like sailplaning, sportfishing, wind surfing, and water skiing.Its deep waters and the intense mountain breeze that blows from Sierra Madre Ranges and also remote Mt. Banahaw make it an excellent destination for water recreation. Additionally, wandering into the rocky terrain that trails the mountain has always been an enjoyable experience in Dalitiwan River in Botocan, Majayjay in which visitors can experience the river’s wild current of cold waters. For the adrenaline excitment of shooting the rapids, tourists go to the famous Pagsanjan Falls during which skilful boatmen voyage thrill seekers’ vessel through the rocks and streams to get to the cascade of its fresh, pristine, and soothing forest water.

Calamba and Los Banos, the two municipalities lying at the foot of Mount Makiling are abundant with man-made and even natural hotspring resorts. Bathing deep into water offers rejuvenation of the soul and gives new vitality to the body. Excellent choices can be had from among the five hundred Laguna resorts in these towns be it for family outing, group events, wedding receptions, or simply for the fun of swimming while enjoying the cool mountain breeze and basking under the sun. Among those resorts are City of Spring Resort, Splash Mountain Resort, La Vista Pansol, and Hidden Valley Springs. Coming from Manila by way of South Luzon Express way to Laguna is merely a two-hour drive, which is why, Laguna resorts are suitably accessible. It is also called as the Detroit of the Philippines because this Resort Capital of the Philippines is a booming centre for business activities.

The main attraction of Southern Tagalog-Taal Lake in Batangas, is a short two to three- hour drive Southward of Manila. Batangas embraces local and international visitors with its captivating long shore, white sand beaches, as well as deluxe resort hotels. Engulfed by a lake is the ever popular Taal volcano - the smallest volcano in Asia. From afar, one can enjoy its majestic splendour while having a single cup of Batangas famous black coffee or kapeng barako popular for its very strong aroma and taste. Calacuit trail can be tried for an in close proximity adventure with Taal volcano crater.

The towns of Calatagan, Nasugbu, San Juan, Mabini, Lian, and Lobo are homes for ever-popular Laguna Batangas Resorts. Famous for pristine whitesand and as havens for colonies of living corals are the beaches in Lobo and San Juan. An excellent option for swimming, boating, and skin diving are the beaches in Lian. Well-known for creamy white sand and striking bamboo beach rafts, Matabungkay Beach is certainly one place that is unique in Batangas. Most popular by resident and international divers are the world class snorkeling and dive sites in Barangay Anilao, Mabini. It is indeed 1 of the country’s top destinations for under water adventure. Calatagan’s amazing rest houses, long lost Spanish provincial charm and environment, bird's-eye sight of the seascape make it a trendy weekend holiday destination. Spa services, wakeboarding, snorkeling, diving, and access to Cape Santiago Lighthouse are offered in this unique place. There are always a many more to discover in the wonderful provinces of Southern Tagalog - Cavite has Tagaytay Highlands, while one may fancy island hopping in Quezon. Incredibly, their finest delicacies, galas, genial people, historical sights, and also luxurious cultural heritage can make your entire vacation an enriching journey!